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NGC 206GalaxiesNGC 206 is a bright star cloud in our neighbor galaxy of Andromeda00h 40m 32.300s+40° 44' 17.995"Andromeda
NGC 7331GalaxiesNGC 7331 is a spiral galaxy in the constellation Pegasus. Also know as Caldwell 30 it lies approximately 40 million light-years away. This image was taken in August 2012 on a single night and required approximately 5 hours total exposure time.22h 37m 05.102s+34° 25' 12.998"Pegasus
Perseus ClusterGalaxiesThe Perseus Cluster is a group of galaxies in the constellation Perseus. The cluster is part of the larger Perseus-Pisces Supercluster which stretches halfway across the sky. Also known as Abell 426, the cluster contains the bright x-ray source NGC 1275 and is 240 million light-years away and receding at 5400 km/sec. A close-up of NGC 1275 is included in this target’s images. 03h 18m+41° 30'Perseus
NGC 891GalaxiesNGC 891 is an unbarred spiral galaxy seen edge on. NGC 891 is also know as Caldwell 23 and is approximately 30 million light-years away.02h 22m 33.4s+42° 20′ 57″Andromeda
NGC 7497GalaxiesNGC 7497 is the spiral galaxy in the center of the frame obscured by the Intergalactic Flux Nebula. The IFN is very thin dust and gas in our galaxy spread above the plane of the Milky Way. There are several (I lost count around 50) smaller galaxies throughout this image. Basically if it isn’t round it is probably a galaxy of some sort. This image is a stack of 18 hours of data collected over several nights. From where I am this is galaxy never gets more than about 60 degrees above the horizon so it was tough getting the red data. Images acquired using Maxim and TheSkyX, processing in PixInsight and PS5. 23h 09m 03s+18° 10' 39"Pegasus